Mandozine Radio Spots

Are you internationally unknown? Just a face in the crowd? Do you want your voice heard around the world? Here's your chance to become a voice of Mandozine Radio. Just record a short riff or intro on mandolin, and introduce Mandozine Radio something like this:

Hi, I'm [name]. You're listening to Mandozine Radio. Tuned locally, played globally."

Or some variation of the above. If you're in a band, feel free to mention your band name. The spot should be about 30-45 sec. Listen to the spots below to hear some examples. If interested, contact Mandozine Radio here: Contact Mandozine Radio

Sample Mandozine Radio Spots
Don Stiernberg
Don Stiernberg-Computer
Don Stiernberg-Jethro
Will Patton
Emory Lester
Rich DelGrosso
Rich DelGrosso