This page is for broadcasters that want to create stream data for Icecast server. Make changes to the code in Red.

Stream Details (Icecast)

Here's the output of the Stream Detail widget available on Centova for Icecast.

Current song: Loading ...
Stream title:
Bit rate:
Current listeners:
Maximum listeners:
Server status:
AutoDJ status:
Source connected:
Station time:
Current playlist:
Track details: - -
Raw metadata:
Album image:

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This info can be used in a variety of ways. For me, the two things that interest me are listeners and playlist. I create the code from the above widget and place it in my Sidebar, but it can be placed at the bottom of the page or anywhere you like.

Change username in Red.

<span class="cc_streaminfo" data-type="listeners" data-username="zzfbixeg"></span> / <span class="cc_streaminfo" data-type="trackplaylist" data-username="zzfbixeg"></span>

Example:   listen
Stream Details are at bottom of left-hand Sidebar.